Warming up to the New US Census Numbers

What does global warming and the new census data for the US population have in common?

Both issues seem to unveil a growing trend where city-dwellers from northern states are heading south.  Colder winters are one reason but another is the changing cultural composition of future Americans.  Increasing number of Hispanics who tend to prefer warmer climates have soared by 43% in the past decade to 51m.  The Asian population has also kept up at a similar rate with 15m, while Blacks have trailed with an 11% growth rate with 38m.  All together the minority groups swelled at a rate of 29% to 112m.  At 197m, Whites continue to hold a slender majority at 54% for those under 18 years of age and at 64% overall.

The changing faces of Americans are starting to look less white and more tan, bronze, olive, and other hues than ever before.  Already minorities from two of our most populated States, California and Texas, outnumber their former majority.  Where this trend is most noteworthy nationally is at the youngest age groups.  For example, 92% of American three-year olds are no longer originating from the traditional White population.  In the next 20 years when these three year olds become the new members of the American workforce, many will look back at 2011 and wonder how a business or political entity could have ever survived without the many proven benefits from a diversified workforce.


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