Tom Kadala – tom@tomkadala.com

Mr. Kadala is an internationally recognized writer, speaker, and facilitator on topics that concern CEO’s and political leaders.  He is well-versed in economics, engineering, technology, finance, and marketing.  His views are regularly published by prominent industry publications and also distributed to an exclusive  list of contacts, some of whom he has met personally during his 20+ year tenure as the founder & CEO of Alternative Technology Corporation (ATC, Inc.).   

At ATC, Inc. Mr. Kadala was the inventor of a fax-on-demand technology called MarketFAX® . His company offered innovative fax marketing solutions and strategic business consulting services to senior management of many corporations including Fortune 500 companies. Long time relationships include American Express, State Farm Insurance, Unilever, and the US Department of Commerce to name a few.

Mr. Kadala’s ability to communicate complex issues to a wide range of audiences in writing or in person has won him a favorable reputation among his peers as someone who is “not afraid to tackle tough issues”.  Most recently, Mr. Kadala developed a facilitated discussion format called Business Model Innovations or BMI’s that was implemented successfully at the United Nations on renewable energy investments strategies for developing counties. Currently Mr. Kadala is seeking a prominent university or ‘think-tank’ type organization that would be interested in promoting/teaching the BMI process for solving complex problems – (click here for more details on the BMI process).

Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, Mr. Kadala earned a B.S. (CEE) degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


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